eyecandylab demonstrates revolutionary augmen.tv technology at CES 2018


Munich – Presenting its revolutionary technology for television called augmen.tv, eyecandylab will take part at the CES 2018, the world’s gathering place for innovators and breakthrough technologies in consumer electronics hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, 9-12 January 2018. At the CES 2018, eyecandylab will be showcasing augmen.tv on its own exhibition stand 52866 in the All Categories section within Eureka Park.

eyecandylab will provide the augmen.tv experience to the more than 1,170K attendees constituting the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a forum where the industry’s most relevant issues are addressed. augmen.tv revolutionizes television by combining first and second screen into one seamless, interactive and highly entertaining experience. augmen.tv is renewing the way of watching TV by bridging the world of TV with Augmented Reality (AR) to provide additional information and interaction features for direct response to advertisement and broadcasting content. The technology brings together linear TV programs and the second screen on smart devices, simply by holding the smartphone or tablet in front of the screen – for a whole new world with AR content. augment.tv enables storytelling and advertising on a new level, and – on top of it – every AR element can be made interactive to increase the viewers‘ engagement.

augmen.tv is the world’s first AR solution, using moving images for marker purposes with its unique, patent pending TELEMARK technology. The app detects the TV as well as the viewing angle and identifies TV content being watched while performing an exact time synchronization. Based upon these information, 2D and 3D contents are augmented around the TV in real time and users can interact with various AR effects.