eyecandylab receives Horizon 2020 subgrant from XR4ALL to advance its augmented video technology

Advancing European XR

eyecandylab has long been part of the XR4ALL platform, an initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework to strengthen the XR industry in the European Union (EU). As already announced by XR4ALL last week, eyecandylab has been awarded a subgrant to further advance its augmented reality video platform with the specific goal of integrating its cloud-based content management system and Unity plugin.

Members of XR4ALL benefit from a wide range of services and tools. In addition to the XR company directory offered through its member area, XR4ALL is also increasingly offering tools and technology themselves for the use of its members. eyecandylab plans to make its web-based content management system capabilities available through the XR4ALL platform and therefore directly to its extensive community of innovators and creators.

Selection for more to come

After 140 applications, the 18 top-projects have been selected for the first phase of the program. During this initial period, the winners will expand upon and validate their concept from a business and a technical perspective with the objective of progressing into the second phase for an actual implementation of an MVP. This will enable developers and creators to encode their video content for visual recognition and augmented 3D experiences built with Unity.

“With strong competition from the US and Asia, XR4ALL is a great organisation funded by the European Commission to join the forces of leading XR companies and individuals offering unique XR products in this part of the world. We are excited to add value to the European XR ecosystem and to make our platform available to the European development community and therefore enable new use cases around video triggered AR.”

Robin Sho Moser, CEO eyecandylab
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