eyecandylab selected by Ericsson to join its 5G startup program

Ericsson has selected eyecandylab to be one of few selected startups part of the Ericsson Startup 5G program

Ericsson Startup 5G is a unique global program designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate the successful commercialization and monetization of 5G by introducing them to the right startups as consumer innovation partners. The program helps member startups to evolve their business by connecting them with CSPs around the world, providing exposure in major technology events, and sharing technical and strategic know-how. Startups also benefit from testing applications with consumers are a global scale and gain access to 25 years of consumer insights from ConsumerLab’s analytical platform and consumer research programs.

”eyecandylab is a perfect addition to our Ericsson Startup program and its video triggered AR technology in addition to offering a unique, immersive consumer experience is also a compelling use case for low latency and high bandwidth characteristics of 5G”
Cristina Pandrea, Driver of Ericsson Startup 5G

“Partnering up with Ericsson enables us to accomplish two goals: Being part of the program opens up new opportunities working with one of the many customers Ericsson has in the telecom and enterprise space to drive 5G innovation and also seek Ericsson’s help to scale our augmented reality interactivity platform.”, says eyecandylab’s CEO Robin Sho Moser.

“At the same time, we are able to get early access to latest network innovations such as 5G or MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) to evaluate how these emerging technologies can be utilized for a better user experience”, Moser continues.

As part of the program, eyecandylab will jointly work with Ericsson to envision groundbreaking and novel 5G applications for consumers leveraging 5G such as showcasing its latest innovations featuring integration of streaming video triggered real time augmented reality experiences over a 5G network. A live demonstration is planned to be placed in an experiential area in the company’s lab in Sweden where visitors can experience how 5G could help power new immersive AR experiences for live sports, digital advertising and mobile shopping using augmented reality headsets.