eyecandylab selected for Mixed Reality Program by Deutsche Telekom and Nreal

Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator hubraum and Nreal joined forces on a technology partnership to develop the topic of Mixed Reality (MR) for the mass market. With new TV viewing experiences on the rise, including Deutsche Telekom’s very own Magenta TV, MR glasses are set to change our video and media consumption behaviors. When the duo started scouting innovative startups for collaboration on building 5G enabled MR applications, it became clear that we had to be part of this. We are proud to announce that eycandylab has been selected to participate in this forward-thinking program, which has already been kicked off earlier this month.

With our three-year head start in building augmented reality (AR) TV/video solutions, our participation over the next few months will provide us with go-to-market acceleration and direct access to development resources and business units at both Nreal and Deutsche Telekom. “With humble happyness and a bit of pride, we feel that we can contribute a significant piece to the next generation viewing experiences. Having partners like Deutsche Telekom and Nreal by our side gives us the confidence needed to make this a win for everyone involved.” says Robin Sho Moser, eyecandylab’s CEO.

Trio Partners

Sven von Aschwege, VP Global Strategic Partners at Deutsche Telekom is equally excited about this co-innovation effort: “We have worked successfully with eyecandylab in the past, specifically on improving and making the TV experience more interesting for our customers. We look forward to working with eyecandylab again and with our AR glasses partner Nreal on developing innovative mixed reality solutions. Deutsche Telekom’s hubraum incubator is the ideal platform for this collaboration.”

As the market has yet to see AR glasses from the likes of Apple, Google, and Facebook, Nreal is already in the midst of selling its consumer-focussed Nreal Light headset to customers in South Korea with more countries in preparation while setting up technology partnerships like this in the process. As Chi Xu, Nreal’s CEO explains: “We chose eyecandylab because of their real-time interactive content engagement abilities made possible through their technology, lighting up a world of possibilities using Nreal Light. This is the type of innovation, showcasing what the future of AR can deliver today.

Additional partners of the hubraum incubator are Qualcomm and Unity providing the tools and support needed for the startups to succeed with building the next generation media consumption apps.