eyecandylab wins patent to build on its IP portfolio for video AR technology platform

eyecandylab describes its team as a passionate group of innovators and visionaries with the mission to invent the next generation TV and video viewing experience. Throughout the last few years the company has been striving for ideas, concepts and technologies to achieve this very goal. Protecting a selection of these innovations with patents is one of the many building blocks of the company’s strategy to establish its expertise in the market.

This patent discloses a method of how eyecandylab’s technology determines a “timestamp” of an image in a video stream to then augment it with additional, relevant data. Or, to put it into simpler terms, it describes how a particular scene within the video watched is recognized to match and deliver the corresponding content for the augmentation via the display device of the user, which could be any kind of device including a mobile phone, tablet, or AR headset. This core element of the platform is essentially the part that is responsible for augmenting the right AR content on your TV screen at the right time.

The patent has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 21st, 2020. eyecandylab has filed for additional patents, which are currently pending approval.

“We are very happy about this piece of intellectual property (IP) as it covers one of the key concepts of our technology at play. Receiving patents is not only important for the protection of our work, it is also a key motivator for our team to keep pushing the envelope and to dare thinking in ways nobody else has done before.”

Sascha Ahmann, CTO and Co-Founder of eyecandylab