O2 and SKY enter the future of immersive sports viewing.




Together with O2 Telefónica we have launched the first consumer-facing AR sports viewing experience for a live broadcasted Handball game delivered by Sky. This fully customisable Handball experience allowed the users to get a first glance into the future of immersive sports viewing.

This is the future of sports viewing – converging with new AR technologies the spatial experience will become interactive, customisable and accessible via mobile. In cooperation with O2 and Sky Sports, we took a first step into enabling fans at home to watch the top match in the german Handball premier league with enhanced AR meta-data. O2 used our platform to launch an exclusive AR experience for their annual “5G Gipfel” summit event where they present new technologies to end-consumers. The “5G Gipfel AR” mobile application was available for iOS and Android.

The AR experience provided additional information about the game including team line-up, player profiles and background information and 3D player avatars. The fully customisable data cockpit allowed the users to place each interactive AR widget in the desired place of their room thus perfectly tailor the AR view to fit their physical environment. Throughout the live broadcasted game, users could tap on any player figure on the 3D table-top Handball field to view that player’s profile panel and the player’s 3D avatar.

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For this project, we at eyecandylab partnered up with Ready Player Me, an avatar platform that allows you to create an avatar by simply uploading a picture. We used player pictures to create custom 3D avatars for each player and dressed them in the jersey of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt team.

And this is just the beginning, today you have experienced live sports with real-time meta data and player avatars. In the very near future, what is next to come is a representation of yourself in form of an avatar actually interacting with your friends’ digital selves during such a live sports game. Even if you are not in the same physical room, you will be able to see your friends’ avatars’ reactions to the game and have your avatar interact with them in real-time. Stay tuned to see eyecandylab bringing these experiences to live very soon.

Let’s enter the Metaverse, together.