eyecandylab launches Watch&Earn for streaming on Polygon Network

The evolution of interactive entertainment continues with eyecandylab’s Watch2Earn™ (W2E) solution that allows video publishers to reward their audiences’ engagement by minting exclusive NFTs and delivering them directly into their wallets.

In this innovative approach to rewarding brand loyalty, W&E offers both brands and audiences an opportunity to participate in Web3 in a seamless and sustainable way. The new platform will offer publishers a simple integration into their existing streaming app via a no-code setup. It will allow streaming providers to award NFTs to their viewers based on viewing behavior, engagement, and other activities that reinforce positive viewing behavior, retention, and reengagement.

“Having spent the last 4 years in building the tools for the streaming experience in the Metaverse, NFTs are brining us one step closer to make our vision a reality. We’re allowing our customers to take a first step into the Web3 world and to reengage with their audience in ways that never existed before. Polygon network is the best blockchain to launch our project on. The carbon-negative blockchain is our first choice due to its scaleability and the unrivaled sustainability.”
Robin Sho Moser, CEO

Having written history with category-shaping initiatives, it is part of eyecandylab’s DNA to think visionary about how new technologies can enrich and improve our clients’ offerings and make them ready for the Metaverse. NFTs offer a new way for our customers’ to engage with their audience and to gain unique insights into their virtual identities. 

The platform is currently being co-developed with selected alpha customers on the Polygon blockchain, a sustainable scaling solution for Ethereum. The partnership with Polygon Studio is another milestone for eyecandylab to work closely with leading companies in the blockchain industry.

To stay up to date or to become an alpha for our Watch2Earn-solution head to nft.eyecandylab.com.